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At HEALTH eDesigns LLC we have extensive experience in designing engaging, interactive eLearning, especially in the field of healthcare.  Delivering health professionals up-to-date training can be a daunting task considering their hectic schedules, and demands on their time.

Interactive eLearning can help you:

HEALTH eDesigns LLC develops your training content into engaging online or mobile leaning.

We have developed “Working with Couples” a 6 module set of training materials to teach Couples Therapy for returning veterans with mental health challenges.  In cooperation with the South Central Mental Illness Research and Community Center (MIRECC), these materials are being field-tested with healthcare professionals in the VA system.

Our training uses state of the art techniques for effective learning:

Advanced Organizers help the learner to be aware of what they will be  learning so they may organize and interpret new incoming information.

Each Module starts with Learning Goals

Role Modeling – Video is used to to help learners model the behavior of the experts.  Each video is preceded with a task for the learner, so they are actively engaged with the video to learn a a new concept, not just passively watching.

Video Example eLearning

Engaging Video

 A Learning Partner will narrate the modules and walk you through the lessons, pointing out important information, tips and tricks, and given a professional opinion.

Expert feedback for the learner

Let HEALTH eDesigns help you create an engaging effective learning experience for your health professionals.


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