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I work with professionals in the mental health field to develop technology-based product to help people learn and change behaviors. We have developed apps to help Veterans and other patient populations manage a mental illness. We also create custom online learning to train health professionals to reach a target population online with an intervention, without having to travel to expensive face-to-face trainings.

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Let’s bring your vision for a digital product to life.
– Cynthia Phelps, PhD Founder, HealtheDesigns LLC

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We develop the most powerful solution for delivering amazing outcome! We use the latest in technology to produce tools to improve mental health.

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Trinity University

HEALTHeDesigns is working with Dr. Bill Ellison of the Department of Psychology to develop a mobile app to help patients track symptoms before and between visits to their mental health provider.

Symptom tracking can help patients in many ways. It makes it easier to remember what issues have been troublesome, it improves the accuracy of the patient self-report, and it helps patients understand if their symptom are getting worse and may need immediate attention.

University of Texas Health Science Center

HEALTHeDesigns worked with the San Antonio Science Center Department of Psychiatry Division of alcohol and drug Addiction, and the Military Health Institute to develop a website to host Webinars to train professionals.

Operation AdEPT delivers evidence-based training and education on substance use treatment and prevention. Interactive webinars, presented by national and international experts, delivers state of the art research to front line substance abuse providers. Operation AdEPT’s mission is improving the quality of substance abuse treatment and prevention in the armed forces.

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