Mobile Heath is Causing Investors to Change Their Strategies


It's no surprise that mobile health is changing the landscape of healthcare.  However, It is surprising how quickly it's happening.  For investors in the health technology arena, it is requiring them to rapidly respond to demand that is coming through a grassroots type of push to adopt mobile health. Large health institutions, such as hospitals, [...]

Mobile Heath is Causing Investors to Change Their Strategies2012-06-22T16:09:44+00:00

VA set to create a VA App Store


Get excited, iPads are coming to Veteran caregivers! The VA is serious about using mobile devices to improve the health of Veterans.  Just recently NextGov announced that the VA will be purchasing 1000 iPdas for the family caregivers for Veterans.  This program, called the Clinic-in-Hand project, will host apps integrated with VA data systems that [...]

VA set to create a VA App Store2012-06-04T15:07:04+00:00

Mobile Heath Apps to increase threefold in 2012


The mobile health app space is booming!  There are already over 200 million apps in use today and that number is expected to grow by threefold this year.   There is no doubt that mobile technology is revolutionizing healthcare and allowing people more access to their health information, better data tracking, and improved communication. HEALTH eDesigns [...]

Mobile Heath Apps to increase threefold in 20122012-05-31T20:05:36+00:00

Can Mobile Apps Save the Mental Health Provider Shortage?


Studies predict a shortage of qualified mental health professionals in the future.  The financial rewards of being a mental health professional are dropping drastically due to how the insurance companies are reimbursing for services.  As the baby-boomers retire out of their positions and fewer young people are entering the field, we are soon headed towards [...]

Can Mobile Apps Save the Mental Health Provider Shortage?2012-05-25T15:01:24+00:00

Time to Invest in Mobile Health


Tech Crunch recently announced that the market For Mobile Health Apps is projected to quadruple To $400 Million By 2016.  WOW! Mental Health may seem like a small slice of the healthcare pie, but it is a huge industry.  It is estimated that approximately 50% of adults will experience some kind of mental health challenge in [...]

Time to Invest in Mobile Health2012-02-24T19:55:02+00:00

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